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Vincia Montalto

Vincia is currently in the final years of her Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Media and Communications (Media Industries) degree at La Trobe University.

Vincia’s empathetic nature has always seen her strive to help others, this passion has been channelled through her legal studies and particularly her interest in the family law sector.

During her studies, she has volunteered with community organisations to facilitate workshops to help young adolescents with public speaking and development. Vincia also engages and promotes organisations that support Australia’s First Nation People.

Serving as a paralegal at Pearsons Lawyers, Vincia works closely with our highly experienced senior solicitors to navigate through clients’ family law matters. In particular, Vincia regularly manages an array of tasks that are vital to our operations. Vincia undertakes financial discovery, case research and other tasks supporting our Family Law litigation team.


Outside of work, Vincia has a passion for fashion and loves attending art events in Melbourne. Additionally, you will often find Vincia cooking with her family and friends or travelling around the world searching for different cultural dishes.

"With their wealth of experience and a holistic approach, I am forever grateful for the friend who recommended them. A very safe set of hands."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sarah, Melbourne