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Jessica Wong

 Jessica obtained her Bachelor of Laws with Honours and Biomedical Science from Monash University. She completed her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the College of Law.

Throughout her studies, Jessica worked in the field of law as a paralegal, and as a volunteer at Community Legal Centres. Jessica has experience in insurance law, property law, franchise agreements, wills and estates as well as trust deeds and adult adoption applications. She is well versed in the area of incorporating companies.

Jessica has found that her passion lies in family law. Her background in other complex areas of law are extremely useful and informative when conducting family law matters and drafting documents.

Jessica attends to her clients’ matters with great care and attention to detail. Her strengths are in being an excellent listener and problem-solver, and working collaboratively with both clients and other members of the Pearsons Family Law team.

Jessica carefully considers her clients’ individual circumstances, and understands what her clients’ needs are and what is important to them in achieving a favourable settlement. She is empathetic and compassionate, and whilst her focus is in trying to resolve matters she is not afraid of litigating when necessary. 

Languages spoken English and Cantonese

Other Interests:

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys going to the gym, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. 

Jessica 毕业于 Monash 大学以 优异的成绩获得了法学学士学位和生物医学科学学士学位。她在法学院完成了法律实践研究生文凭。

在学习期间,Jessica 在法律领域担任律师助理和社区法律中心的志愿者。Jessica 在保险法、财产法、特许经营协议、遗嘱和遗产以及信托契约和成人收养申请方面拥有丰富的经验。她精通公司成立领域。

Jessica 发现她对家庭法充满热情。她在其他复杂法律领域的背景在处理家庭法事务和起草文件时非常有用且信息丰富。

Jessica 非常细心和注重细节地处理客户的事务。她的优势在于成为优秀的倾听者和问题解决者,并与客户和同事合作。

Jessica 仔细考虑客户的个人情况,了解客户的需求是什么以及对他们达成有利的和解来说什么是重要的。她富有同理心和同情心,虽然她的重点是努力解决问题,但在必要时她并不害怕提起诉讼。

Jessica 会说粤语。

其他兴趣: 工作之余,Jessica 喜欢去健身房、游泳以及与朋友和家人共度时光。

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