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Expert Advocacy & Representation for Child Protection and Children’s Court Matters

Navigating the complex landscape of children’s court and child protection matters can be overwhelming, but partnering with the right lawyer can make all the difference. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience working with children who are going through the court process, as well as families who are managing child safety issues.

We understand this can be an emotional and distressing time, and we are here to provide the support and representation you need. We know the consequences can be dire for children and families without the right guidance. Our firm has been helping families for over a century, and you can rely on the quality support and advice you will receive from our highly experienced children’s and family lawyers.

“The thing about having over 35 years of experience in Family Law is that you do not panic. In a crisis, you stay calm and remain courageous so that you do not lose focus on what is important, namely the clients’ needs.” – Leanne Abela (Principal Director)

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Guiding Children & Families Through Legal Challenges: Specialist Children’s Court Lawyers

Having a highly skilled children’s family court lawyer ensures you have the expertise needed to navigate the legal landscape successfully. Our team deeply understands the legal intricacies and nuances involved in Children’s Court, Youth Justice, Child Protection and Family Law cases, allowing them to advocate for a child’s best interests effectively.

We provide guidance and support and remain focused on achieving the best possible outcome for the children we represent. Prioritising children’s welfare outcomes is paramount for us, as is minimising the distress and confusion that court matters can bring. We have a wealth of experience working with families in similar situations, allowing us to offer reassurance and empathy while remaining focused on achieving positive results.

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We can help you with:

Child Protection Matters

The support and guidance you need to navigate complex and emotional child safety matters.

Independent Children’s Lawyer

Our ICLs will ensure that your children’s best interests are the priority at all times.

Children’s Court Proceedings

Support, advice and representation for all Children’s Court and Youth Justice matters.

Family Law Do's Don'ts

Putting Children First: Dedicated Legal Representation for Children and Their Families

Having a highly experienced advocate on your side will bring peace of mind and ensure the best course of action is taken. By partnering with one of our skilled and caring lawyers, you will also be able to minimise the stress and unknown associated with children’s court matters.

We prioritise your best interests and provide a free initial consultation to guide you in the right direction. We acknowledge that this may be a sensitive and emotional time, so we maintain a respectful approach to your requirements while working together.

  • No Fee First Consultations
  • Children’s Best Interests As A Priority
  • All Children’s & Family Court Matters
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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Professional. Helpful and very easy to deal with.
Luisa Modesti
Luisa M.
21:26 15 Feb 24
I was recommended to go to Pearsons Lawyers and speak to Leanne Abela about my family law matter. I was told that Leanne and her team will win your case! From my initial meeting to my very last court hearing Pearson’s Lawyers have provided exceptional professionalism and the highest level of compassion during one of the most challenging times in my life. Louis Horsley was appointed my solicitor and his expertise, knowledge and genuine care for me and my two young boys was unbelievable. We had a complex legal case and nothing thrown his way was left defeated. Louis is extremely committed he ensured I got the best outcome and kept me grounded and focused through the whole process. To come away with the win was an unbelievable feeling and to be able to trust a team of people who were fighting my battle with me, was truly remarkable! Thank you Louis, Kenny, Karen, Christine, and Leanne! You are amazing people to do the work you do and deal with the stress of your clients with such respect and grace! I am forever grateful! Louis you are an absolute legend and I wish you all the success in your career, you are amazing!
Dahnielle Fox
Dahnielle F.
12:16 06 Feb 24
I dealt with a difficult case where goal posts changed and an inconsistent and nasty approach from the other side dragged proceedings on for a long time. Kenny with great support from Joe lead me through the details and assured me of the process. Amanda was great closing out with a completely unexpected win for my children and I.The team at Glenroy as a whole is warm, welcoming, supportive and professional, I wasn't mislead in any way and prepped well for whatever situation we were facing, I applaud the team as they really do go along the journey with you.I hope anyone reading this doesn't face the same as I did but if you're looking for a good all round professional and experienced team, look no further than Pearson's Glenroy. Stay patient and listen to their advise.Thanks to Kenny, Joe, Amanda, Loriene, Jayne, Christine, Sam, Andrew, Venus and anyone else remotely associated with my case, life changing and appreciated.Regards,Nick E
Nicholas Eilers
Nicholas E.
00:04 07 Sep 23
Venus PhamI uldlike to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. You have stuck by me through thos months in dealing with this very stressful case. I admire your composure, work ethic and most of all excellent representation, and I know that you will be on my side until the very end. And thanks Leanne for her unforgettable support.❤️
Edivania De Oliveira
Edivania De O.
23:50 26 Jul 23
I met with Jacqui Spry. She was the most down to earth and up front person I’ve ever come across. She never gave up on me. Jacqui always let me know what was happening and what could happen along the way. She kept the fees down as much as she could under the circumstances. It was the most traumatic time I’ve ever had in my whole life (a horrible domestic violence situation), although she helped me keep it together. She helped me to do what I thought was the undoable. Jacqui was fantastic and I’m so glad I had her to represent me. 😊
Leanne Beattie
Leanne B.
06:39 27 Jun 23
Thank you to Leanne and Louis and the team at Pearsons (Glenroy). The Pearsons team secured a great result for me and I am very grateful for their assistance and professionalism throughout our engagement. Thanks again
Iman G
Iman G
11:31 26 Apr 23
Very informative
Dobbie Porter
Dobbie P.
11:25 18 Apr 23
Exceptional service, guidance and professionalism. Highly recommended
meagan evans
meagan E.
05:37 06 Feb 23
Leanne, Anne and Deborah have been remarkable! These professional women are transparent, honest, hardworking and most importantly they remain child focused at all times without a doubt. They have gone well above and beyond expectations and they are respectful, understanding and empathetic. They were recommended to me by a highly regarded criminal Lawyer as being extremely well respected Lawyers within the Family Court system - this is accurate on every level as they have conducted themselves with professionalism. Anne, Deborah and Leanne are extremely knowledgable, most certainly ethical and absolutely fearless!I have experienced first hand that practising Family Law is not simply just a job for Anne, Deborah and Leanne, but rather a passion for enhancing family peace and security.
Sarah Halloran
Sarah H.
05:46 11 Nov 22
Joe your a gun, i cant thank you enough for your assistance. Considering the last min notice you and your team came through for me, i can only imagine what you could of accomplished on a much larger time frame. Straight to the point no bs i only wish I knew about you sooner. Family law specialist see Joe at Pearsons you wont be disappointed. I look forward to working with you in the future and once again i can't express my gratitude enough , better to have him on side than against thats for sure.🙏🙏 thank you, thank you! I'll definitely be recommending your firm and your services. 🙂
Elizabeth Zourkas
Elizabeth Z.
05:41 13 Oct 22
My Father recommended Pearsons Lawyers to me years ago Then recently another trusted referral. From Solicitors Leanne, Brenda, Vertiy, Karen at Reception. The team are fantastic. Understanding. Sincerely interested in protecting your welfare and have your best interests at heart. I feel safe with Pearsons Lawyers looking after me. Thankyou Pearsons Lawyers.
Birute Ohlmann
Birute O.
02:27 26 Sep 22
Cannot recommend Helen Le at pearsons lawyers enough! From the start til very end Helen was extremely helpful and put up with my constant calls annoying her with all the silly questions and worrying. Helen always listened to me and actually helped me come out with a lot better outcome then I expected. Once again can not recommend Helen enough!!
Aaron Tomkinson
Aaron T.
02:24 18 Jul 22
Pearsons Family Lawyers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

In Victoria, Australia, an Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) is a legal professional appointed by the court to represent the children’s best interests in family law proceedings or other matters involving minors. An ICL is highly knowledgeable in the areas of law related to children and is able to work with various practitioners and agencies to minimise the impact of court proceedings on a child.

By providing objective and independent perspectives on matters concerning children’s welfare, an ICL is able to advocate for their rights and well-being. An ICL is usually appointed in cases where significant disputes or complex issues concern child custody, visitation arrangements, child abuse, family violence, or the involvement of child protection agencies.

Working with a lawyer who specialises in children’s matters ensures that the child’s best interests are protected and promoted throughout the legal process. To learn more about the role and capacity of an ICL, check out our blog ‘Independent Children’s Lawyer’. You can learn more about the role and capacity of an ICL in our blog ‘Independent Children’s Lawyer’.

What should I do if a Child Safety or Welfare order is made against me, or an investigation is taking place?

If Victorian Child Protection Services have become involved with the wellbeing of your child, or one in your family, it’s crucial to act quickly and get good advice, as these matters can have devastating effects on families if handled incorrectly.

The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) manages CPS, and will generally provide paperwork with requests or information required to assess the safety and wellbeing of the child, or children, involved. They generally become involved if concerns have been raised that a child is at risk of harm or neglect, or if family issues such as addiction, ill health or family violence are an issue.

If an investigation is taking place, it’s vital that you provide sufficient information to ensure that your matter is resolved as quickly as possible. This may include previous court reports, psychological assessments or drug testing results. If an order has already been made, and you are disputing it, the process can be longer and more drawn out. Whichever the case, it’s in your family’s best interests to have the best possible legal support as there can be many nuances to child protection law.

Failure to respond appropriately and in a timely manner can result in loss of custody, with children being placed in temporary or longer term state care arrangements.

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What is the purpose of the Children's Court in Victoria?

The Children’s Court of Victoria specialises in matters relating to children, with a guiding ethos centred on ensuring the best interests of a child are first and foremost. Unfortunately, child protection and family law matters involving children can be very complex and highly emotional, which can create some difficulty in resolving matters swiftly and easily.

The Victorian Children’s Court has both a Family Law division and a Criminal Law division, and hears all cases in which children are involved. This includes matters of family violence that affect children, intervention orders, child protection orders, family law matters such as custody and also youth criminal justice matters.

When is a child in need of protection under Australian law?

Generally, if a child is deemed to be at risk or, or has experienced abuse, neglect or other factors that impact their overall wellbeing, child protection laws apply.

The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) sets out many guiding principles for state laws, and places emphasis on the best interest of the child, early intervention and support for families,
culturally appropriate courses of action, and ensuring that children and young people have their voice heard during the decision-making processes.

A child is deemed to be at risk of abuse or neglect, and requiring intervention, for the following reasons:

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect of children’s needs
  • Death or illness (including addiction and mental illness) of one or both of the children’s parents
  • Exposure to family violence, or unsafe environments
  • When a parent or carer is incarcerated
  • When there is abuse, or risk of abuse (physical, sexual, psychological, mental, religious or otherwise)
  • When there is a risk or physical injury, or a history of physical injury that raises concerns

Reporting can be done by any member of the public, family members, teachers, childcare workers and medical professionals. Some cases are very clear cut, while others are extremely complex due to contributing factors.

Whatever the case,if you have found yourself involved with Child Protection Services, it’s advised that you seek legal assistance as early as you are able to.

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