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Deborah Sim



  • 各类财产事务,包括涉及公司和信托结构的复杂财产结算、搁置财务协议、配偶赡养和财产保护;
  • 育儿问题,包括监护权,亲子绑架和归还令;
  • 涉及法庭和管辖权争端的国际事项;
  • 涉及中国、马来西亚等国家的跨司法管辖事项;
  • 子女抚养费、其他子女抚养和财政支持问题;
  • 离婚。





After completing a Bachelor of Law at Monash University (2013) and being admitted to practice as an Australian Lawyer, Deborah has practised exclusively in Family Law. She has extensive experience in a wide range of matters including:

  • Property matters of all sorts including complex property settlements involving companies and trust structures, setting aside financial agreements, spousal maintenance and protection of property;
  • Parenting matters including custody, child abduction and recovery orders;
  • International matters involving forum and jurisdictional disputes;
  • Cross-jurisdictional matters involving countries such as China and Malaysia;
  • Child support, other child maintenance and financial support issues; and
  • Divorce.

Deborah recognises that the breakdown of a relationship can be a very difficult and confusing time. She is passionate and committed to helping clients navigate through this by providing comprehensive and realistic advice.

Deborah is bilingual and fluent in English and Mandarin.

Deborah and the large team of Specialist Family Lawyers at Pearsons have the depth of knowledge, skills, expertise and resources to help with all matters and issues arising from the breakdown of a marriage or relationship.

Deborah is a member of the:

  1. Law Institute of Victoria;
  2. Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Victoria; and
  3. Australian Asian Business Women’s Association.
Deborah Sim