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Couples in Australia are increasingly looking towards surrogacy as an option to have a family.

Whilst commercial surrogacy is legal in some overseas countries, in Australia surrogacy can only be arranged altruistically so that neither party receives any payment other than out of pocket medical expenses and other limited expenses for the purposes of the arrangement.

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Surrogacy arrangements either between family members and friends with an independent surrogate is increasingly being utilised as an option for couples.  It is important that advice is received prior to entering into any arrangement with respect to:

  • The biological parents rights;
  • The egg donor’s rights;
  • The sperm donor’s rights;
  • The surrogate carrier’s rights;
  • Arrangements prior to the birth of the child and the types of expenses that can and cannot be covered;
  • Contact arrangements by agreement after the birth of the child;
  • The legal rights of each of the parties to the surrogacy arrangement;
  • What happens if a party changes their mind.

Prior to parties entering into a surrogacy arrangement, documentation is required to be lodged for the Patient Review Panel confirming that appropriate advice has been provided to all of the parties to the arrangement.

After the decision has been made by the Patient Review Panel and after the birth of the child, documentation is then required for the purposes of arranging for the commissioning parents (the parents who will raise the child) for the purposes of substituting their names on the birth certificate at the County Court.  Pearsons Lawyers can assist you through this legal journey.

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