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Brenda Ling



Brenda在多个法律学科方面有丰富经验,曾在一家综合性的公司工作。她的工作包括商法和民法、刑法、移民和家庭法。Brenda拥有对公司进行破产处理的经验。她还曾为在澳大利亚出生的没有公民身份的儿童处理过案件。尽管这些儿童可能已经在澳大利亚出生或在澳大利亚生活了十多年,由于其父母没有公民身份,他们仍被认为是 “无国籍”。Brenda认为这项工作非常令人满意。




Brenda has a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts Double Degree.

Brenda is bilingual and speaks fluent English and Chinese Mandarin.

Brenda has experience in several legal disciplines while previously working at a generalist firm. Her work included Commercial and Civil Law, Criminal Law, Migration and Family Law. Brenda has conducted bankruptcy in company cases. She has also worked in cases for children born in Australia without citizenship who are considered “stateless” as a result of their parents not having citizenship despite the fact that these children may have been born in Australia or lived in Australia for over a decade. Brenda found this work extremely satisfying.

Whilst Brenda has appeared in a number of different jurisdictions, her passion is for Family Law and in particular, children’s cases and all the aspects involved in resolving parenting issues.

Brenda’s focus is on guiding her clients through their problems and providing a satisfactory, realistic and cost effective solution.

Interests: In addition to spending time with friends and family, Brenda enjoys antiquing for antique clothing, furniture and homewares as she has a passion for conservation and restoration of movable cultural property and art.

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