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Principal Director

Leanne Abela

Leanne graduated from Melbourne University with a Law Degree & Arts Degree in 1986 and she has been practising as a lawyer at Pearsons her entire professional career. Leanne also has a Graduate Diploma in Mediation.

In 1991 Leanne became a Partner and has had a remarkable depth of experience conducting thousands of cases in property and financial matters, child support, children’s cases and every other aspect of family law over almost four decades in practice.

In times of crisis, it is the years of experience that counts. This gives clients the confidence and reassurance that they are in good hands with someone who knows what they are doing. In Family Law, there is no substitute for an experienced solicitor who has had countless cases in every possible situation so that nothing comes as a surprise. Leanne knows the ropes, what to look out for and what to expect for her clients.

It is not just the large number of cases she has conducted herself but also the diverse range of work she has strategised on as a mentor to other solicitors within the firm. As a leader, Leanne fosters a culture of excellence, diversity and philanthropy within the firm. As a role model, Leanne is a tough, no-nonsense practitioner who achieves excellent client outcomes in challenging circumstances.

As well as having the depth of knowledge that comes with 37 years of experience in Family Law and having the technical skills to be able to represent clients, Leanne has the ability to listen carefully and deeply to her clients so as to understand their needs when experiencing the complexity of a separation. Leanne prides herself on being able to affirm the client experience and create a solution providing the client with clarity and confidence in managing the separation process.

Leanne completed a Graduate Diploma in Mediation at Latrobe University over a 2 year period in 1999. In the year 2000, Leanne was awarded the Latrobe University Relationships Australia (Vic) Family Mediation prize as the most outstanding student who completed the Graduate Diploma in Family Law Mediation.

Leanne has been a member of various different Boards and Committees over the years including:

    •  A tutor in family law at Latrobe University and a tutor in contract law at Victoria University;
    •  The initial protocols committee setting up Intervention Orders at the State Magistrates’ Court level;
    •  A committee involved in setting up policies and procedures around the practice of Intervention Orders;
    •  Family Violence protocols committee at the Family Court;
    •  In 1991 Leanne established, through the Community Legal Centres the first “Intervention Order Court Support Service” by way of organising a voluntary roster of solicitors to assist applicants who were unrepresented in applying for Intervention Orders. The program lasted for almost a decade;
    •  North West Hospital Board;
    •  Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre Committee of Management;
    •  Maltese Community Council Executive;
    •  Member of the Maltese Australian Chamber of Commerce;
    •  Member of the Italian/Australian Chamber of Commerce.
    •  Various kindergarten and school boards;
    •  Women’s Legal Service Board assisting in the establishment of the exclusive Family Law practice;
    •  Various committees in the Federation of Community Legal Centres; and
    •  Volunteering at various community legal centres over many years; and many other Boards and Committees.

In her time at Pearsons Lawyers, Leanne has grown the firm to be one of the largest boutique Family Law firms in Victoria.

In addition to her time with her husband and three children, Leanne enjoys reading, going to the movies and very long walks on the weekends.

"With their wealth of experience and a holistic approach, I am forever grateful for the friend who recommended them. A very safe set of hands."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sarah, Melbourne