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Mikaela Farrugia

Mikaela graduated from the University of Melbourne having completed both a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology and Criminology) and her Juris Doctor. She has also completed her Practical Legal Training with The College of Law.

Mikaela, having a passion for making a difference within her community, specialised her study in the field of Family Law. This allowed her to utilise both her degree in Psychology and her empathetic qualities, whilst conducting herself professionally within her practice.

Her experience within private and community practices has grounded her practical understanding of the Family Law Legal System, and its operation within society. Her foundational experience within community legal centres has seen Mikaela conduct divorce workshops, mediations, duty lawyering, and negotiations.

Mikaela’s strength is balancing her empathetic nature with her understanding of the Australian legal system and being able to conduct herself in a way that seeks the best outcome for all involved.


In her spare time Mikaela enjoys spending quality time with her family and puppy Arlo, playing piano and vocals, playing netball and adventuring. She also has an avid interest in musical theatre being both a cast member, musical director and conductor of various amateur shows.

Mikaela Farrugia

"With their wealth of experience and a holistic approach, I am forever grateful for the friend who recommended them. A very safe set of hands."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sarah, Melbourne