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35th Work Anniversary – Christine & Karen

On Monday 03 August 2020 Pearsons Lawyers celebrated the 35th anniversary of Christine Kennedy and Karen Grigg employment with Pearsons.

Both of these remarkable employees commenced their working life at Pearsons in 1985 – the first and only job they have ever had, prior to most other staff members even being born!

Both Christine and Karen have held various roles throughout the firm over the 35 years and both have been instrumental in being part of the fabric of what makes Pearsons Lawyers unique and special.

They are responsible for the way in which Pearsons Lawyers are perceived by our clients, colleagues, the judiciary and other professionals and the public at large. 

They are truly wonderful ambassadors for the firm and their contribution to the firm over the last 3 decades is greatly appreciated and valued.

Joe and Leanne, Pearsons Partners, are proud to boast the loyalty, dedication and hard work of Christine and Karen and honoured them by way of a Zoom celebration with our work colleagues, family and friends. 

To commemorate the occasion we all shared a bottle of champagne, a cup cake and honey joy as well as flowers and gifts for the two special women.


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