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Why Choose Pearsons Lawyers as Your Family Law Experts?

Written by Pearsons Lawyers
12 December 2022

There is an abundance of qualified and experienced Family Lawyers. Why choose Pearsons Family Lawyers to represent you in your matter? Because:

  1. We offer a free initial consultation which includes for a second opinion for people that already have a lawyer or are involved in litigation;
  2. We have the depth of knowledge, skill and experience to quickly identify and then deal with issues;
  3. Our structure of lawyers and support staff is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible to minimise legal costs;
  4. We are a boutique practice specialising in Family Law matters dealing with all aspects of relationship breakdowns (marriages, de facto and same sex);
  5. We are realistic and pragmatic;
  6. We do not create unrealistic expectations;
  7. We get to “the point”;
  8. We listen to you and speak “your” language;
  9. Like you, we care about the outcome;
  10. We strive to resolve your matter as quickly and cost effectively as possible;
  11. We work with you and use all resources at our disposal to avoid unnecessary delays, surprises and a blow out of costs;
  12. We understand what you are going through and will guide you through the process;
  13. We have offices at 14 locations for your convenience;
  14. We have been around for over 100 years;
  15. Our lawyers who speak a number of different languages and understand different cultures;
  16. We not only deliver a legal service but also strive to minimise the negative impact of the separation on you, your life and that of your children (if any) and loved ones.
Pearsons Family Lawyers

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