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What is discussed at mediation?

Mediation provides an opportunity for couples who have separated to discuss and resolve issues in relation to the following:

  1. children and parenting matters;
  2. division of property;
  3. spousal maintenance; and
  4. child support and adult maintenance.

Parenting matters include discussions around who the child should live with, the time the child is to spend with the other person which can include grandparents and other family members including on special holidays and birthdays, the child’s daily routines, health, education, religion and the exchange of children (drop off and pick up) and financial support of the child.

Property includes assets (things that you own such as a house, car) and liabilities (things you owe money on such as a mortgage or credit card).  The assets can be owned individually, jointly, by a family trust or company.  Assets also include shares, investments, inheritance, superannuation and furniture.

Written by Pearsons Family Law.