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Types of mediation

There are many types of mediation including a less formal mediation process for parenting matters, Private Mediations, Case Assessment Conferences and Conciliation Conference.

In relation to negotiating parenting matters, mediation generally occurs through an informal process through a mediation service, for example a Family Relationships Centre, Relationships Australia or other organisations that offer mediation.

If your former spouse has a solicitor, he or she may suggest that you attend a Private Mediation to enable negotiations to occur with respect to the issues relevant to your case. In these circumstances we would strongly recommend that you obtain independent legal advice prior to any of these events, and/or have a solicitor attend the mediation with you.

If your former spouse has commenced Court proceedings you may be required to attend a Case Assessment Conference, a Conciliation Conference or a Private Mediation. It is very important to understand what is required of you at each of these conferences and therefore you should obtain independent legal advice regarding the court process and your rights.

Written by Pearsons Family Law.