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Responsibility and community

We don’t take our professional responsibility lightly. Always aiming to be one of the first to share the latest Family Law news with you.

Outside practice hours, we are also passionate legal advocates and supporters of events that promote social justice in all its diversity. We have had the pleasure of hosting a Jeff Kennett seminar on mental health and raising funds for Beyond Blue. We regularly raise funds for “Fitted for Work” who get women back into the workforce and for the homeless here and overseas. Our charitable and  philanthropic endeavours continue and we are committed to giving back to the community locally by volunteering at community legal services.

Parenting Arrangements – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I first do when I separate in relation to the children?...

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Intervention Orders – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for an intervention order after hours? Applications can be made...

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Types of mediation

There are many types of mediation including a less formal mediation process for parenting...

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Do I have to see a solicitor if I am going to mediation?

Whilst it is not mandatory for you to see a solicitor before a mediation...

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What is discussed at mediation?

Mediation provides an opportunity for couples who have separated to discuss and resolve issues...

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Do I have to speak at mediation?

  You will never be required to talk directly to your former partner at...

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Who is a mediator?

A mediator is a neutral person who assists the partiers to participate in the...

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Is mediation free?

In family law there are different types of mediation for children and property issues...

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What does a mediator do?

A mediator is an independent person who assists disputing parties to: identify their issues;...

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Who pays costs in family law?

As a general rule parties to family law proceedings pay their own costs. The...

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Can my former spouse take the children overseas without my knowledge or consent?

Although your former spouse should obtain your consent before any international travel much will...

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Do I need permission from my former spouse to take the children on an overseas holiday?

Although you should obtain consent from your former partner before any international travel much...

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Who gets Fido? Pets and the Family Law Act 1975

 Whilst the issue of pets is often hotly debated in family law disputes it...

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Biggest Morning Tea

All Pearsons staff were joined by other members of the profession and our colleagues...

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Pearsons Family Law nominated for Northern Business Achievement Awards

We are very pleased to announce Pearsons Family Law has recently been nominated for...

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