Is mediation free?

In family law there are different types of mediation for children and property issues and each type has varying fees and roles.


Mediation before court

Parties may or may not be required to attend mediation prior to commencing proceedings in Federal Circuit Court of Australia or Family Court at a Family Relationships Centre such as Relationships Australia or Lifeworks.

The cost of this is dependent upon your income.

The cost is minimal and can be free.


Court ordered mediation

Parties attend mediation whilst they are in the Court system and this is ordered by the Court and called a “Conciliation Conference”. The party who filed the Application before the Court is required pay $370 for this mediation, unless they are a Pensioner.  The other party does not pay.


Private mediation

Parties can also attempt to resolve family law disputes by way of private mediation at any time. Each party will have to pay for the cost of a barrister or a solicitor at the mediation as well as attending to the payment of the mediator. A barrister’s fees for a private mediation range from $2,000 – 4,000.  Mediators costs can be in the range of approx. $4,500.

Written by Pearsons Family Law.