What does an intervention order cover?

Any person can apply for an Intervention Order either under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 where there is a family relationship, or under the Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010 if no family relationship exists.

If you are experiencing fear caused by a family member, whether it be through threats, control, force or domination you can apply for an Intervention Order.

Intervention Orders cover physical, sexual, emotional/psychological and financial abuse. Examples include:

  1. Physical abuse such as hitting a person;
  2. Sexual abuse such as touching a person inappropriately and without consent;
  3. Emotional/Psychological abuse such as controlling and or/dominating what a person does and their behaviour;
  4. Financial abuse such as controlling a person’s money and how they spend it;
  5. Stalking or harassment physically or by email or text.

An Intervention Order is also for a person who fears for the safety of their property, another person or animal. If you fear for your children’s safety you can include them in your Application for an Intervention Order. If a family member has threatened that they are going to damage property in your family home, that is grounds to apply for an Intervention Order.

Written by Pearsons Family Law.