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Associate Solicitor

Rose Storey

Rose graduated from the University of Melbourne with her Juris Doctor, and completed her Practical Legal Training at the Australian National University ‘s College of Law.

Whilst studying and prior to her admission as a lawyer Rose volunteered extensively with multiple community legal centres. Since she began practicing Rose has focused primarily on family law, in addition to the legal disciplines which often parallel family law, including intervention orders and will and power of attorney drafting. This breadth of experience has made Rose aware of the importance of a sensitive and nuanced approach to family law, and to the necessity of an empathetic and holistic view of a client’s situation.

Utilising the foundation of her knowledge and practical experience of the relevant legal systems and her analytic focus, Rose is driven to achieve positive outcomes for her clients during what can be a stressful and traumatic time. Rose has been practising in Family Law for many years and her clients benefit from her knowledge accumulated as a result of the many varied cases she has handled.


Outside of work, Rose loves knitting, baking, spending time with her friends, family and pets, and trying, sometimes successfully, to garden.

Rose Storey

"With their wealth of experience and a holistic approach, I am forever grateful for the friend who recommended them. A very safe set of hands."

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