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Hi and welcome to Video 3 of Module 4. My name is Joe Schepis. I'm a Director of Pearsons Family Lawyers. If this is the first YouTube of oursthat you have seen, I highly recommend that you go to Module 1.

Module 1 contains two videos of very important action needed to take right now before proceeding any further. To do that, you can visit either the Pearsons' YouTube Channel or go to our webpage and follow the links from there.

If you are ready to proceed with Video 3, Child Support and Child Maintenance, let's proceed.

In this part I'm going to talk about child support agreements. Although the child support scheme was setup for the agency to assess child support for parents a lot of parents are able to talk about financial support of their children either directly or through their lawyers and reach an agreement.

There's two types of agreements. There's a limited child support agreement.These are usually agreements entered into between the parent themselves,signed off and registered with the child support agency and they're limited because they won't last for longer than three years.

The other type of agreements are binding child support agreements. And those agreements are binding and last well beyond three years and can last until the children are 18 years of age or some other period before that, that the
parties agree.

They're binding because lawyers are involved and lawyers need to sign certificates, which are annexed to the agreements. Those certificates certify that the clients has been advised of the effective entering intothe agreement and the advantages and disadvantages of entering into that agreement.

The typical agreement provides for a parent to pay in addition to an amount of child support - which could be the amount that's assessed by the agency -other expenses for the child or children, like private educational fees and
expenses, extra curricular expenses like sporting, piano or other languages, and the like.

That's it for Video 3. If you're ready to proceed, you can now go to Video
4: Spousal Maintenance and Spousal Support.

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