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Hi. Welcome to Video 6 of Module 4: Centrelink Benefits. My name is Joe Schepis.  I am a Director of Pearsons Family Lawyers.  If this is the first video that you've seen, I suggest that you go to Module 1 because it contains two videos of very important action you may need to take right now.

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If you're ready to talk about Centrelink benefits, let's proceed.

Depending on your particular circumstances you may be entitled to some government support and financial assistance. The way to find out is to visit your local Centrelink office and apply for a pension. There's a sole parent pension and there's also family tax benefits A and B.

When you go there to apply for a pension, you also apply for an assessment of child support. Obviously pension entitlements are means tested and that would depend upon other financial support that you might receive by way of child support, spousal maintenance, and the like.

When you apply for Centrelink benefits, make sure you tell the Centrelink officers all of your current financial circumstances and in the event that there's any change in the future, keep them informed. One thing you don't want to do is commit social security fraud inadvertently by not keeping them informed.

The other thing you may not realize is that you may be separated under the same roof. Often people separate but can't afford to move out of the home but they live separately and apart under the same roof. This may entitle you to receive government pension.

The way that you do this is to apply and let them know that you separated under the same roof. That may require some proof like a letter from your lawyer to evidence that you are actually separated.

That's it for Video 6. If you're ready to proceed, let's move onto Video 7 where I'll answer some frequently asked questions.

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